Tuesday, June 23, 2009

After attending a conference at the church of a good friend of mine, i finally feel like i know what the purpose of this website will be. For awhile i wanted it to be a graphic design portfolio, but i know now that it will never truly be something spectaculr in that regard. Instead, at the advice (sermonzing) of my good friend i've decided to be excellent at what i know. I know how to solve problems and put things together out of random parts. For the most part this website will be just that for churchs. Instead of looking for high priced solutions to their needs, this website will be a collection of new technologies and offerings from the web, and the world that will help churches to what needs to be done to reach the Saints of God. So with that, thanks for stopping by and i hope this website helps you find what you need to make your church or ministry a more impactful work.

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