Gmail: Best e-mail client around. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes it simple and effecient. It has a bit of a learning curve as you navigate way from "folders" and switch to "labels", but its a great e-mail client. Besides... everyone is doing it!

Pixel Calculator: For you avid Photoshop users. The Screen DPI of your computer monitor depends on the following formula: dpi = sqrt (width_pixels^2 + height_pixels^2) / diagonal_inches. Instead of doing all this math in your head or on a calculator, the good people at guifx have put together a pixel calculator for you to use. They also have a great tutorial on finding out how this helps you in photoshop and other graphic resources. I've dedicated my website to helping churches incorporate media in their services for a low cost or for free. There are obviously other websites out there dedicated to something similiar and Balastmedia is one. They have a lot of open source solutions to the various media problems you might encounter. Check them out when you get a chance.